I love Okuko so much such a cutie ahhhhhhh. *sends love*

Who is the cutest unown of all? You are. Yes, you are!
I love Mini’s drawings. uvu<3

Anonymous sent: ((Hey, I just wanted to give you heads up that "retarded" is sometimes seen as a slur in English when used to substitute the word "stupid." I don't want anyone to jump on you.))

Oh my god. Thank you so, so much anon for this message. I searched its meaning … I didn’t knew the real/full meaning of “retarded” and used it so lightly… now I feel so ashamed of myself.

I got so used to see that word in online videogames and other sites that I thought it meant something different. But that is no excuse.

I’m gonna change it right now. So thank you so much for the message anon, and sorry if I hurt anyone with my poor choice of words.

I still have to learn a lot of english. I will try to translate everything I write from now on to be sure that I don’t make this mistake anymore. Again, I’m sorry.